Credit requirements

Masaryk University – Centre for International Cooperation has announced that international students at Masaryk University are obliged to achieve a minimum number of at least 20 ECTS credits in each semester.

With respect to our partners (student´s home universities) the minimal number of ECTS credits set by home universities has higher preference. However our minimal number of credits still needs to be achieved.

Example: If your university requires 30 ECTS per semester you need to follow the home university credit requirements. On the other hand if your university requires 15 ECTS you have to follow our credit limit requirements and gain at least 20 ECTS per semester. In some cases a university requires no credit limit – this means you have to follow our credit limit requirements which are 20 ECTS.

In case of failure to reach the minimal number of credits, home university will be informed about the student´s failure and official email will be sent to coordinators at the student´s home university. Such a student may expect some further consequences determined by home universities, and/or might not be permitted to prolong their studies at Masaryk University.

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