Brno has a great variety of shopping opportunities – from little boutiques to speciality shops to large shopping centres containing everything you will ever need. Several large cebtre are situated right in the centre of town.

The Velký Špalíček complex at Mečová 2 holds shopes, restaurants and a multiplex cinema, while nearby the shopping centre at Orlí 3 is also a good destination for everyday needs such as food and clothing.

The shopping and cultural centre Galerie Vaňkovka is located between the railway and bus station on the edge of the town centre. It comprises of 130 shopes, restaurants and cafés and is open seven days a week.

The Avion Shopping Park at Skandinávská 2 is found to the south of Brno, heading in the direction of Bratislava.

Shopaholics might also like to check out the Olympia shopping and entertainment centre Modřice to the south of Brno, and also the Futurum Shopping Centre at Vídeňská 100, plus the Královo pole Shopping Centre at Cimburkova 4.

Closer to home, visitors can find some excellent souvenir shops on Slovákova, selling handmade crafted goods in wood, leather and ceramics.

The Cabbage Market (Zelný trh) is the perfect destination if you desperately need fresh fruit and vegetables, plus it's a great photo opportunity and a good place to chat up the locals. 

Česká has some good bookshops and you can pick up excellent local wines, beers and spirits to take home at the Tesco supermarket found behind the main railway station.


Addresses and maps of some shopping centres here.

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