Non-academic staff at Masaryk University can get a grant for a one-week traineeship to the countries of North and South America through the Stella programme. Each year about 10 non-academic staff from all of the CGU (Compostela Group of Universities – CGU) get the chance to go on a one-week traineeship to the Americas.

The Stella programme also functions in the opposite direction – non-academic staff can come on a one-week traineeship to Europe. Various Masaryk University workplaces can thus offer staff from foreign universities traineeship at MU as part of the Erasmus+ MUST Week (Masaryk University Staff Training Week).

Participation Conditions

  • MU staff with an employment contract can participate in the Stella programme.
  • The content of the training abroad must be in accordance with the job description of the MU employee.
  • The staff member must gain the permission of their line manager for the placement.
  • The length of the placement is a minimum of 5 working days.
  • Placements through the Stella programme to the Countries of North and South America: offers of mobility to the countries of North and South America. A list of these together with mobility to Europe can be found here.
  • The STELLA's programme attandee must obey the rules of the STELLA CGU.

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