Non-academic staff at Masaryk University can get a grant for a one-week traineeship to the countries of North and South America through the Stella programme. Every year Masaryk University nominates one candidate and one substitute to this programme of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU). Each year about 10 non-academic staff from all of the CGU get the chance to go on a one-week traineeship to the Americas.

The Stella programme also functions in the opposite direction – non-academic staff can come on a one-week traineeship to Europe. Various Masaryk University workplaces can thus offer staff from foreign universities traineeship at MU as part of the Erasmus+ MUST Week (Masaryk University Staff Training Week).

Participation Conditions

  • MU staff with an employment contract can participate in the Stella programme.
  • The content of the training abroad must be in accordance with the job description of the MU employee.
  • The staff member must gain the permission of their line manager for the placement.
  • The length of the placement is a minimum of 5 working days.
  • Placements through the Stella programme are divided into two categories:
    • “American” mobility: offers of mobility to the countries of North and South America. A list of these together with mobility to Europe can be found here.
    • “European” mobility: European mobility cannot be financially supported from the Stella programme and must be financed from other sources, for example through the programme Erasmus+ for administrative staff. If you are interested in a traineeship at a European university (you can find a list of these here), do not submit an application to the Stella programme but contact the European university’s coordinator and agree the traineeship directly.
  • The STELLA's programme attandee must obey the rules of the STELLA CGU.

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