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The MU Language Centre currently offers five courses preparing students for the opportunities to go on foreign placements – in three different languages. Two are taught at the Faculty of Education and three at the Faculty of Arts. All these courses are open to students from any MU faculty with knowledge of the given language at B1 level (or in the case of Spanish A2).

JV006: English for Foreign Study Placements (Faculty of Education)   

CJVAST: English for Studies and Placements Abroad (Faculty of Arts)

JV007: German for Foreign Study Placements  (Faculty of Education)   

CJVNST: German for Studies and Placements Abroad  (Faculty of Arts)

CJVS1ST: Spanish for Studies and Placements Abroad I (Faculty of Arts) with the opportunity to continue in spring on the continuation course

For Further information go to the Masaryk University Language Centre.

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