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Masaryk University staff members have the chance to gain a grant for training abroad through the Erasmus+ programme. The content of the placement can be job-shadowing, practical/expert straining, a study visit, workshop or seminars at universities or other organisations (companies, non-profits, any organisation active in the labour market or in education, professional preparation and youth work).  

The activity supports the professional development of teaching and non-teaching staff at Masaryk University as well as the development of the institutions involved. It is not possible to cover a conference from this programme.

Training can be undertaken in these countries:

  • in the 27 member states of the European Union (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden
  • in the countries of the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)
  • candidate countries: North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey
  • from the academic year 2023/2024 Switzerland and the United Kingdom

The administrative and grant agenda related to the Erasmus+ programme is managed by the CZS. Admission to the target university/institution/course is ensured by each individual.


North Macedonia

Participation Conditions

  • A staff member of MU with an employment contract can participate. It is also possible to send staff working on the basis of the DPP and DPČ short-term contracts (depending on the priority of the faculty/economic unit). The agreement must include the possibility of business trips and the right to draw travel expenses, otherwise it would be a case of unauthorised use of the provided funds.
  • The content of the training abroad must match the job description of the MU staff member.
  • The content of the placement might be observing an experienced employee (job-shadowing), practical/professional training, a study visit, workshop or seminar at a university or other organisation (private company, non-profit organisation, …). 
  • A staff member of MU must carry out their mobility activity in any Programme Country different from the country of the sending organisation and the staff country of residence.
    • In the case of going to the staff member’s country of origin it is necessary to show that the staff member is long-term resident in the Czech Republic, which can be demonstrated by submitting the following documents:
      • an employment contract or DPČ for a minimum of one year
      • confirmation of studies for a period of more than one year
      • other documents (tax domicile in the Czech Republic, lease, etc.)
  • The programme allows the training to last from 2 days to 2 months. From the 15th day the contribution to the placement expenses is lowered. In case of a longer mobility only working days are counted. The selection commission decides on the number of days allocated to the staff member based on the criteria of the faculty/economic unit and an assigned quote.
  • It is not possible to pay for a conference from the programme.
  • Language courses are not priority programmes, and after approval by the CZS only professionally focused courses with regard to the job description of the employee can be financed.

  • A combination of teaching and training is possible only within the activity Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility.
  • ONLINE mobility Erasmus+ STA/STT:
    • Mobility in which the training takes place exclusively online is possible if the participant physically travels to the country and their participation in the place of activity in the country of the receiving institution is justified and substantiated by supporting documents (e.g. travel documents, proof of payment for accommodation, etc.). In this case, it is eligible physical mobility for which a grant entitlement arises. This is particularly justified if the effect of COVID-19 persists.
    • Such mobility must be approved by the immediate superior and the approval has to be sent by e-mail to the relevant coordinator at CZS (person AFTER NOMINATION) at the time of submitting the Mobility Agreement document for mobility approval.

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  • Call I: March/April
  • Call II (supplementary): to be specified
  • The collection of applications for the following academic year takes place in March/April. The exact date will be communicated to you by your faculty/economic centre (see List of contact persons in the Documents).
  • Placements after 10 December
    Placements planned after 10 December must be consulted in advance with the coordinator at CZS. Because of financial closure at the end of the calendar year, these placements will not be approved, with a few exceptions.
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