Will I get my deposit I paid at the beginning back?

Will I get my deposit I paid at the beginning back? The accommodation deposit you paid before your arrival will be used for covering the rent of the last month of your stay here. Please check the SUPO, in the table overview of balances, there is a new line “Amount to pay”. That is where you can see, how much you should pay in last months including outstanding fees (internet, electronic appliances.)

  • If you signed your accommodation contract until the end of December, the deposit will be used for the December rent.
  • If you signed your accommodation contract until January (1 – 20 January at the latest), the deposit will be used for the December rent and you will pay only the January days.
  • If you signed your accommodation contract until January (21 – 31), you will pay the December rent, and the deposit will be used for covering January, which practically means that you will either pay nothing in January, or just fees (internet, electronic appliances).


What should I do if I want to shorten/lengthen/terminate my accommodation contract?

If you want to extend your stay in halls of residence, no problem. Just go to see the accommodation assistant in advance. If you want to shorten your stay in the halls of residence, you have to announce it 2 months before you plan to leave. If you terminate your contract earlier, you will have to pay the rent for the month when the termination is delivered, plus two months more (for the last month, your deposit will be used).


I still have some money on my SUPO. How can I get them back?

You can get your money back in cash from the accommodation assistant (Ms Janska in Vinarska, Ms Syslova in Komarov and Ms Markusíková in Kounicova). If the amount of paying you back exceeds 1000 CZK please inform the assistant before seeing her. It may happen she will not have enough cash to pay you back. If you have some money on canteen account, you should transfer the money to your SUPO account online in order to get back all money (http://inet.muni.cz).

Can I keep the Masaryk University chip card or should I return it?

Within the scope of "GREEN UNIVERSITY" we would appreciate if you return your chip card after your studies to my office (or throw it to our post box in front of the doors). The money, you paid for the card, will not be returned to you however you will support the concept of "GREEN UNIVERSITY" and behave ECO-FRIENDLY. The chip card will be deactivated and used for other purposes.


What should I do with kitchen utensils in the room?

You can leave them at the reception of halls of residence when checking out. Please, do not forget to wash everything before giving it away. We are going to organise a charity market during the orientation week in spring 2016, where students can simply take anything they need.


I opened a Czech bank account after my arrival, should I close it before leaving?

If you do not plan to come back to the Czech Republic, we would recommend you to close the account. Withdraw all your money you have on the account (except for 30 crowns which will cover the fees for the last transactions). Go to the bank (take your payment card with you) and ask for closing the account. The payment card will be deactivated. After 30 days from the deactivation, the account will be closed.


Does Masaryk University offer any full-degree programmes?

Masaryk University offers several bachelor or master programmes taught in English (you have to pay the fees) as well as programmes taught in Czech (free). Please contact this email address for further information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check our website.

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