Intergovernmental Agreements – Selection Process

Every year the ministry of education announce a selection process for scholarships in countries with which the Czech Republic has concluded intergovernmental agreements. Academic staff from all Czech public universities can apply for these placements, with the selection of staff taking place centrally at the ministry of education. You can find further information at the website DZS MŠMT (only in Czech language).

Aside from the selection process at the ministry of Education academic staff can also make use of so-called quotas, which Masaryk University has set aside for its staff within international agreements.

Financial Conditions

The costs of food and accommodation are covered within the agreement normally by the host country.


Payment of travel expenses at the CZS MU:

  • Teachers and scientific staff who were normally nominated for the placement and accepted by the foreign side ask the CZS to arrange the refunding of travel expenses provided that the ministry of education offers this for the given placement. Only international transport to the placement location and back or respectively to the capital city of the receiving country and back, if that is how international transport is defined in the given international agreement, is paid.
  • The person sent has an obligation to use economic means of transport.
  • Local transport is not refunded.
  • The deadline for submission of an application for refunding to CZS: no later than by 25 October in the calendar year in which the tickets were or will be bought.
  • If the foreign placement takes place during November and December, it is necessary, it is necessary to request the refunding no later than by 25 October and to provide the CZS with copies of tickets and receipts for payment of the air tickets. If it is not possible to buy the tickets in advance, the price must be estimated.
  • After accounting for the journey the employee sends from the economic department of the faculty to the CZS an internal invoice within 15 days of completing the business trip.

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  • October to February
    The closing date for applications varies according to country. You can find further information at the AIA of the Centre for International Cooperation in Education of the Ministry of Education.
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