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Stella Junior is a programme of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU), thanks to which MU students can apply for a placement published in the database of offers of foreign placements, which can be found on the CGU website in the section Stella Junior database.

The Stella Junior Programme also twice a year (in March and July) awards two one-off grants in the amount of 400 euros for these foreign placements. The grants are allocated by a lottery. Applications are submitted to the CIC.

  • Only students of MU who are enrolled in full-time or combined studies throughout the period of the foreign placement can apply.
  • Applications to CIC are accepted continually – therefore in the case of interest send an application immediately.
  • Primarily students with intercontinental mobility (Europe – Latin and North America) can compete for a grant. In the case that no intercontinental mobility takes place there is a lottery of all the applications.
  • Application process: The MU student must hand into the CIC a signed CV in the EUROPASS format including the placement reference number from the Stella Junior database, or other documents required by the concrete offer in the database.
  • The student has a duty to document their placement in the IS, as well as getting results of this placement recognised at MU as part of their study, see Recognition of Placement at MU.

You can also finance a placement through the Stella Junior database from other grant programmes, such as for example Erasmus+ placement. Even then it is necessary to submit an application to the CIC, which will send it on to the CGU which will then hand it over to the host school for confirmation. 

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  • Applications to CIC are accepted continually
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