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How to Get Around Brno

The public transport system consists of trams, city buses and trolley buses. Buses operate 24 hours a day. At night there are special night buses. Night buses leave every 30–60 minutes depending on the line. The main railway station (“Hlavní nádraží”) is the central interchange point of all night trams and buses.

The interval between most buses is 7–15 min from Monday to Friday during rush hours. Weekend intervals are 10–30 minutes. The average interval between most trams is approximately 8 minutes during rush hour on working days; otherwise every 10–15 minutes.


Important meeting points and junctions in Brno

  • Náměstí Svobody – the main square of the city centre, between the Česká meeting point and the Hlavní nádraží meeting point
  • Masarykova – together with Česká the most important street in the centre, leading you from Náměstí Svobody to Hlavní nádraží.
  • Česká – one of the main junctions, also a meeting point (we say “by the clock” – there is a clock at the corner)
  • Hlavní nádraží (the Main Railway Station) – also one of the main meeting places and main junction


For times, schedules and routes, see the search engine


FROM/TO Vinařská, you can get by:

  • Tram 1 – tram stop “Výstaviště – hlavní vstup”
  • Trolley buses 25, 26, 37 and 52 – bus stop “Výstaviště – hlavní vstup”
  • Night bus 97 stop “Výstaviště – hlavní vstup”
  • Trolley bus 38 – bus stop “Pavlíkova”
  • Night bus 95 – bus stop “Pavlíkova”


FROM/TO Komárov, you can get by:

  • Tram 12 – final tram stop “Komárov”
  • Bus 40, 48, 49, 63, 67 – bust stop “Komárov”
  • Night bus 94 – bus stop “Komárov”


FROM/TO Kounicova, you can get by:

  • Tram 12 – tram stop “Klusáčkova”
  • Trolley bus 34 and 36 – bus stop “Klusáčkova”
  • Night bus 93 and 99 – bus stop “Klusáčkova”

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