Programme of Relations with Traditional Universities

Masaryk University has signed bilateral agreements with many foreign universities. There are seven universities that are designated as prime partners – institutions with which Masaryk University is developing deeper, long-term strategic ties.

Among other things this entails a specific number of days per year for staff exchange between the two institutions. For scholars coming within these quotas, Masaryk University arranges and covers the cost of accommodation and provides per diems. Masaryk University's prime partner institutions, with the total number of days for staff exchange per calendar year, are as follows:

Academics and researchers at any of these partner universities who are interested in a placement at Masaryk University should contact the international office at their home university, which will provide the information about the application procedure.

You will be asked to write a plan of your activity at Masaryk University, which will be sent to us (usually shortly before the beginning of the calendar year). If you have not had any contact with Masaryk University before, we can help you to find a contact person at the department you would like to visit at the request of your international department.

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