• “Erasmus showed me a completely different world of a student and ordinary Canadian.”

    “Erasmus showed me a completely different world of a student and ordinary Canadian.”

    – Zuzana Bedřichová, student of Faculty of Economics and Administration

Erasmus+ ICM

The Erasmus+ ICM programme allows students to study at universities in Erasmus+ partner countries—a broad selection of countries that are not in the regular Erasmus+ programme. The list of participating universities changes every year depending the evaluation of Masaryk University's application for funding.

Candidates for study at these universities must first undergo a selection procedure at the Centre for International Cooperation, which will then send nominations to the partner universities. Nomination does not in and of itself, however, mean automatic acceptance. The student must also fulfil conditions set by the host university. Because of this, the selection procedure may take longer than those of other programmes.

Current offer (academic year 2024/2025)

  • Kosovo
    • AAB College
    • University of Prishtina, Hasan Prishtina
  • Albania
    • Metropolitan Tirana University
    • University of Tirana
  • Bosnia and Hercegovina
    • University of Banja Luka
    • University of Mostar
    • University of Sarajevo
  • Armenia (PhD only)
    • Yerevan State University
  • Georgia (PhD only)
    • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  • Israel
    • Ben Gurion University of the Negev
    • Gordon Academic College of Education
    • Reichman University
    • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    • University of Haifa
    • Western Galilee College
    • College of Law and Business
  • Ethiopia
    • Wolaita Sodo University
  • Kenya
    • Kenyatta University

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Before nomination

Mária Káčeriková

tel: +420 549 49 4800

After nomination

Jarmila Strýčková

tel: +420 777 128 340


  • Call I: 15 December (for autumn and spring)
  • Call II (supplementary): 1 June (for spring)
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Language Preparation

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