The programme for Freemovers is intended for students who themselves arrange a study or work placement at a foreign university outside of any kind of Masaryk University exchange programme (e.g. Erasmus+), or outside any intergovernmental, interuniversity or interfaculty agreement.

Freemovers can choose from universities around the world, however their home faculty/department and the foreign university must consent. Each foreign university has its rules for the acceptance of Freemovers – some do not accept them at all, others require them to pay tuition fees and others openly welcome Freemovers.

Information on the experiences of students who have made use of the grants for Freemovers to study at a wide range of foreign universities can be found here here (only in Czech).

Participation Conditions

  • Studying on an accredited full-time or combined MU study programme.
  • The programme is open to students at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level. At the time of submitting the application the student must have completed at least the first semester of bachelor’s studies.
  • A condition of participation is compatibility of the study programme at MU with the selected foreign university. The home faculty must confirm to the student that the completed course will be recognised as part of the study plan.
  • The student must demonstrate knowledge of the foreign language in which they will study. This does not apply to PhD students, as long as English is the language of the placement.
  • The student must transfer from abroad 20 ECTS per semester, in the case to short-term preparation of the dissertation the number of credits can be lower, but the student must fulfil the study requirements of the home faculty.
  • It is possible to travel with this grant once during bachelor’s, once during master’s and once during doctoral studies. If there is a lack of suitable applicants this grant can be offered repeatedly.
  • The grant is not available for studies in the country of origin/permanent residence of the student.
  • The grant is not intended for extended placements which began as part of another programme (e.g. Erasmus+, CEEPUS, etc.)
  • This programme requires of MU students that after completion of their placement that they submit an application for the recognition of courses/credits from the foreign placement; you can find further information here.
  • The student must add all the documents requested before the start of foreign studies and after their completion, and their non-provision will be taken as not fulfilling the conditions for the award of a grant.
  • Studies at the MU home faculty must not be interrupted or ended throughout the whole period of drawing the grant.
  • The scholarship is awarded for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 1 semester.

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