Bank Details of MU

The Masaryk University bank account

Komerční banka a.s. Praha, pobočka Brno-město (Commercial Bank Company, division Brno-city) 

Address: Náměstí Svobody 21

Account number: 85636621/0100

IBAN (International Bank Number): CZ43 0100 0000 0000 8563 6621


Variable symbol = (The variable symbol is your personal specific number – it is necessary to mention it when making the payment!)


The details you need to fill in when transferring money from your account 

Příjemce / Beneficiary:

Číslo účtu příjemce / Ben. account No.: CZ43 0100 0000 0000 8563 6621

Jméno, Název / Beneficiary: Masarykova univerzita

Ulice (P.O.BOX) / Address: Žerotínovo nám. 9

Město, PSČ / City, ZIP: Brno, 601 77

Země / Country: Česká Republika


Banka příjemce / Beneficiary's bank: Komerční banka, nám. Svobody 21, Brno, 631 31

Poplatek / Detail of charges: SHA or SLV

Účet pro poplatky / Account No. for charges: (fill in your account number)

Vyplatit šekem / Pay by cheque: NO

Důvod platby/ Poznámky / Details of Payment: (fill in your variable symbol in the following Format: “SUPO VS 777xxxxxxx client's name university login”).

  • An example: if your name is John Smith and your university login number is 909090 and your variable symbol is 777654321 , you must fill in: “SUPO VS 777654321 John Smith 909090”

Further information you need to fill in is the amount you want to transfer in Czech currency (CZK = Czech crown).

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