Special Grant for Short-term Placements

Students who want to go abroad on short-term placements or summer schools outside any exchange programme can make use of financial support from the CIC Special Grant for Short-term Placements. The home faculty must consent to the placement by signing the Learning Agreement/Training Agreement. It is possible to go on a placement to any country in the world, with the length of the stay limited to 30 days (in total).

Participation Conditions

  • Studying in a full-time or part-time accredited bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral programme at MU, and in the time of submitting the application having finished at least the first semester of bachelor’s studies at MU.
  • Compatibility of the study programmes at MU and at the chosen foreign university, which means that the faculty confirms that the course taken will be recognised as part of the study plan at MU (Learning Agreement, Training Agreement).
  • Studies at the MU home faculty may not be interrupted or cancelled during the time of receiving the grant and in the time of payment of the grant.
  • The minimum number of credits gained for this placement is 1 ECTS, but the number of credits gained should correspond to the length of the placement and its content.
  • The programme requires of MU students that after completion of the placement they submit an application for recognition of courses/placements from a foreign placement. You can find further information here. Not submitting the required documents for recognition of courses will be seen as not fulfilling the conditions for the award of a grant and the grant has to be returned.
  • A grant is not provided for studies in the country of origin/permanent residence of the student.
  • A student can only submit one application within one call. 

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