Czech language courses

Czech language could be challenging and you may have several opportunities to discover this language and get to know it closer. Look through the courses below and choose one that best matches your learning style and preferences.


Survival Czech (Introduction to Czech Language)

Survival Czech is taught during the Orientation Week (included in the price of OW). It is an introductory course to Czech language and it does not require any level of Czech. Survival Czech takes 6 hours and you are not getting any credits (0 ECTS).


Courses organized by the Masaryk University Language Centre

Language Centre at Masaryk University offers various possibilities for learning Czech language.


Courses offered by Department of Czech for Foreigners, Faculty of Arts

Department of Czech for Foreigners at Faculty of Arts organizes various courses and seminars of Czech language as well as Summer School of Slavonic (Czech) Studies. For more information please see the website of the Department of Czech for Foreigners at Masaryk University.


Advanced courses at Faculty of Education

You can also choose from courses organised by Department of Czech Language and Literature, Faculty of Education. Please note that those courses require B2 level of Czech language and they are taught in Czech language.


Informal Czech language course organized by International Student Club

International Student Club at Masaryk University also organizes Czech language courses. They are free for members of ISC. For more information see the website of ISC MU.

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