Job Offers

Job opportunities for foreign students studying an accredited full-time study programme in the Czech Republic

EU/EEC and Switzerland

EU students have the same working conditions as Czech students. They can be employed in any form of cooperation. The most common forms of cooperation for students are agreements made outside the employment relationship, which are governed by Czech legislation. For more information on employment relations in the Czech Republic, please visit this web page.


Non-EU/EEA students

Students from third countries who have a visa/permit to stay for the purpose of study also do not need a work permit and have the same employment rights as Czech students.  However, they must take into account the fact that the main purpose of their stay in the Czech Republic is to study.

Non-EU students studying via distance learning can also work in the Czech Republic. The condition is that they must be no more than 26 years old and their working time must not exceed 7 consecutive calendar days or 30 days in total per calendar year.

In other cases, and possibly after completing their studies, non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss citizens must apply for a work permit or employment card. For more information on how to apply for a permit, visit this web page.


For up-to-date information, follow the websites of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

Current job offers are published on Another relevant link is Brno Expat Centre.

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