MU scholarships for research placements

Faculty grants for mandatory foreign research placements for PhD students at MU:

As part of their studies every PhD student must undertake a month-long foreign research placement. The budgets of individual faculties are to be used to finance the research activities of PhD students, and not that of the CZS which is primarily intended for the academic placements of PhD students. Nor can the foreign research activities of PhD students be financed from the Erasmus+ or Erasmus+ internship programmes.

For further information about grants for foreign research activities please directly contact staff at the faculty departments for PhD studies. You can find contact information at or the MU Employee Portal.


Academic placements for PhD students at MU:

PhD students can use the CZS grant funds given below for foreign academic placements. These grants are intended for academic placements of PhD students and as for study placements there is an obligation to complete a Learning Agreement, gain 20 credits per semester at the foreign university and to have the subjects studied abroad recognised for studies at MU. 

Language Preparation

Language Preparation

Documentation and Recognition of Placements

Recognition of Placements

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