Course catalogue

Courses taught in English language can be found at websites of Masaryk University’s faculties. Masaryk University uses ECTS system.

See the link below, select semester (autumn, spring) and choose courses you would like to attend during your mobility:

Autumn semester:


Spring semester: 

Please note that there might be further changes due to teachers' availability, numbers of students registered for the courses, etc. You can make changes to your Learning Agreement after your arrival, within the first two weeks after semester starts.


Extent and Intensity of courses

You can see three numbers for intensity. First is a number of hours for lectures, second one is for class exercises/seminars and last one stands for another types of teaching methods such as labs, etc.

Example: 2/0/0 (lecture 2, class exercises 0, select another 0)

According to amount of gained credits, you can find two numbers. First number is amount of credits gained by completion and second one is a number for possible extra credits.

Example: 1 credit(s) (plus extra credits for completion). It means that student can gain specific amount of extra credits, if he/she completes the course with a colloquium/examination or any other type of completion.

For detailed information, please contact the teacher of a particular course or your departmental coordinator.


Apart from faculties, also another university’s centres offer courses taught in English:

Language Centre

The Language Centre of Masaryk University is a university-wide institute providing education in foreign languages.s. For students of all forms of study (i.e. Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral study programmes in presentational and combined form), five foreign languages can be learned on the academic or technical level – English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. For more information see the webpage of Language Centre of Masaryk University.

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