Programme of Relations with Traditional Universities

Masaryk has closed special agreements with selected partner universities in Central Europe, thanks to which MU staff can go on five-day placements. The aim of this programme is to support placements that lead to the making of new contacts and broadening cooperation with new partners at partner universities.

As part of this programme staff can go to partner universities in these countries: Germany (Greifswald and Regensburg), Hungary (Pécs), Poland (Poznan and Wroclaw) and Slovakia (Bratislava).


  • Through special clauses in the relevant bilateral agreements MU staff can go on several- day placements at selected universities in Central Europe.
  • The programme works on the basis of reciprocity – the receiving university normally provides food and accommodation and the home faculty covers travel expenses. For the nominated foreign academics CZS MU organises accommodation (usually in Garni on Vinařská street) and pays for food in cash.
  • The advantage of this type of placement is that it is not necessary for the receiving university to provide teaching and that it is thus possible to use the trip as a visit to arrange initial contacts.
  • The following universities are involved in the programme (the agreed quota is given in brackets):
  • Each faculty obtains a quota (in person-days) overall for all the universities, for which teachers are nominated.
  • The length of the exchange placement should be a maximum of 5 days including travel. Quotas for individual faculties are increased to create a certain “reserve” for redistributing and supplementing vacancies – this finalising is carried out by the CZS.
  • The contact person at the foreign department of the faculty sends once a year to the Centre for International Cooperation nominations along with the working plans of the teachers.

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  • Usually at the turn of the calendar year
    The deadlines for teachers are announced by the faculty foreign departments/Language Centre.
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