Student Cards

All incoming students will be issued with a MU ISIC card. It serves as the MU chip card as well as a worldwide-recognised student card. You will need it among other things for your identification within MU, for borrowing books on campus and for rent payment with the SUPO system.



This card is issued for all students at Masaryk University and they can use it even outside the university to get some discounts. More information on the ISIC (International Student Identification Card) is available here.

The card costs 450 CZK, the payment is to be made online in the IS Shopping centre (instructions usually sent to students by e-mail). Students of the following programmes (CESP, TESOL TE, ISEP and ISEP-Direct) will be given the card for free. Students coming to Masaryk University through other programmes (e.g. CEEPUS, MIBP PECO, freemover, etc.) will receive this card at the international department of the particular faculty that has arranged their period of study here.

This card allows you to: 

  • buy meals in the student canteens. You have to deposit money on your card first – this can be done in the canteen. See the Catering Services.
  • access the Central Computer Centre in the building of the former Faculty of Medicine at Komenského nám. 2.
  • print and make photocopies at faculties. You will have to deposit money on your card first, using devices called "SUPO machine” (top-up machine). The account where you deposit money on your card for the photocopies is different than the one for the canteens, but the same as the one for the dormitories. You can transfer money from one to the other here. The minimum amount that must be deposited at the beginning is 50 CZK.
  • enter rooms in the university that are ISIC access-only, including the dormitories.
  • borrow books

Make sure before you leave that there is little or no money deposited on the card. It is however possible to get the money back. Please note you cannot enter the university facilities (using your card) accompanied by a person who does not have his/her own card. If you do so, your card will be blocked.

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