Masaryk University (MU) places a strong emphasis on the systematic development of international cooperation with foreign institutions worldwide. In line with the internationalization strategy for the period 2015-2020 we are expanding the range of opportunities for international mobility of students and academic staff, development of study programmes and courses in foreign languages, and other activities designed to increase the number of foreign students at MU.

The main pillar of international cooperation activities is traditionally carried out in the framework of European educational programmes (Lifelong Learning Programme LLP etc.), supporting mainly the mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff. International mobility is perceived as an important tool for enhancing the quality of study, so that we focus in the long-term on increasing the percentage of students and academics who participate in mobility programmes. More than 1,300 MU students go abroad within a key mobility programme, namely LLP / Erasmus, every year. We devote a great deal of attention to the administration of the Erasmus mobility programme, which focused on the quality of the organization of the Erasmus mobility programme.

In addition to the LLP / Erasmus we make use of the possibilities offered by other international mobility schemes, or by our participation in international university networks (Utrecht Network, the Compostela Group of Universities, ISEP). A significant part of mobility is realized on the basis of inter-university and inter-faculty agreements with partner universities around the world, through intergovernmental agreements (quota and tendering by Czech Ministry of Education and Sports) or within the framework of so called freemovers. Every year we send an increasing number of students abroad for a short period, currently nearly 1900 students.

Contacts with universities outside the European Union are developing within the prestigious European programme called Erasmus+ ICM. We are currently involved in eight consortia of universities allowing cooperation with third countries (including the countries of the Middle East, Central Asia, the Western Balkans, Eastern Asia, the Russian Federation and South Africa) which coordinates a collaborative consortium of European universities and Israel.

The increasingly international character of MU is also evidenced by the increasing number of foreign students enrolled in full degree programmes. There are approximately 6,600 foreign students currently studying in Czech or a foreign language programme.

We devote our attention to building up the international profile and prestige of the University by supporting an active policy of international marketing and promotion. With this aim, we participate in professional conferences and exhibitions in the area of international education and foreign higher education fairs.

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