Erasmus+ ICM

Foreign students from countries outside the European Union can come on exchange study placements to Masaryk University through the Erasmus+ ICM programme (replacing the older Erasmus Mundus programme). Masaryk University provides incoming foreign students with a grant to the value of 800 euro monthly and pays their return travel costs.

Students from the Western Balkans, South and East Mediterranean countries, Africa, Asia, North America and Latin America can come on this exchange placement of the European Union to Masaryk University. It is absolutely necessary that your university is on the list of partner universities in the current selection process. This list is published on this website during the period of the selection process (you can find further information about this period in the Deadlines section).

Available Scholarships (spring 2020)

Applications for incoming students to Masaryk University under the Erasmus+ ICM programme are open for spring 2020 semester (February – June). Deadline for application is 8 September 2019.

Not sure if you can apply? See the current list of the partner institutions of Masaryk University in the Erasmus+ ICM programme below. You can also talk to your home university coordinator about the opportunities.

List of partner institutions for spring 2020:


  • Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef 
  • University of Kasdi Merbah – Ouargla 
  • University of Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella 


  • Gordon Academic College of Education 
  • Western Galilee College

NB! The offer of scholarships and partner universities may change year from year depending on the project proposal and funded placements.

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Adam Hykl

tel: +420 549 49 3583

After nomination

Martin Vašek

tel: +420 549 49 7785


  • Deadline for application for spring 2020:
    8 September 2019
  • The months given are only for orientation purposes, the specific dates will be specified after opening of the call
    Call I for autumn and spring semester: November to January
  • Call II (supplementary) for spring semester: May to August
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