Visa information

Students from EU countries  Students from the EU (plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) are exempt from student visa requirements 
Students from countries outside the EU  Once you have been accepted for studies at Masaryk University, you will have to turn to the local Czech embassy or consulate: the Czech Republic, like most other countries, requires foreign students studying in the country to have a student visa. Possession of a student visa is a condition for studying at Masaryk University. 
Students from EU countries but originally from outside the EU  The same procedure as for students from countries outside the EU. You are obliged to apply for a visa to study in the Czech Republic (even though you have a residence permit in one of European countries). 


Visa requirement countries

Visas, residence permits and travel information

Travel medical insurance

Before arrival

 Students with long-term visa  application requirements HERE
Students with long-term residence permit  application requirements HERE
Students coming from EU
(plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland)
no need of visa

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