European Digital UniverCity (EDUC)

The EDUC (European Digital UniverCity) alliance, the members of which include, aside from MU, universities in Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Norway and Spain, has opened up to MU students new opportunities for international education in a wide variety of formats, from a broad range of foreign placements or short-term summer schools all the way through to virtual mobility at partner universities.

EDUC is part of prestigious network of European universities and its aim is to connect eight universities, which have a combined total of more than 150 thousand students and 20 thousand staff, into one combined European university. You can find further information regarding EDUC at the website

EDUC offers MU students the following opportunities in international education:

Online inter-university courses

  • MU students can enrol in virtual mobility & online courses through the inter-university campus. Students can study online courses from eight universities, including MU. The list of EDUC online courses is available in the EDUC Course Catalogue.
  • It is possible to enrol in some of these courses through IS MU. In this case, you will find at the course’s description that the course is taught at MU and partner university, and there is no link for the application. After the successful completing of the course, it will be automatically recognised in the IS.
  • Other courses require filling out an application form. After acceptance, and before the start of the course, coordinators or teachers will send you all the necessary information. These courses may be recognised by your home MU faculty. In order for them to be recognized, students must fill out the Learning Agreement in IS OIS. This must be completed before the start of the course. Detailed procedure of filling out the LA can be found in the document How to fill out LA online v Documents section. It is necessary to administrate the course in IS.
  • More information (about application, pre-requisites, ECTS) can be found in the description of each course.
  • Participants must be MU students for the entire duration of the course.
  • Visiting students (Erasmus, Exchange, semester long, etc.) are entitled to participate on online courses through the EDUC alliance. If the course is taught by a partner university (i.e. not MU) it will not be part of the student's studies at MU and therefore will not be on the MU transcript of records, nor can it be included in the learning agreement. The student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course by the hosting university which they can give to their home university and be used for recognition. It is up to the home university if the student will receive credits.

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