European Digital UniverCity (EDUC)

The EDUC (European Digital UniverCity) alliance, the members of which include, aside from MU,  universities in Potsdam, Rennes, Paris-Nanterre, Pécs and Cagliari, has opened up to MU students new opportunities for international education in a wide variety of formats, from a broad range of foreign placements or short-term summer schools all the way through to virtual mobility at partner universities.

EDUC is part of prestigious network of European universities and its aim is to connect six universities, which have a combined total of more than 150 thousand students and 20 thousand staff, into one combined European university. You can find further information regarding EDUC at the website

EDUC offers MU students the following opportunities in international education:

Online inter-university courses

Virtual mobility & online courses on an inter-university campus: From the academic year 2021/2022, a virtual inter-university campus will be opened to students, where students and teachers from six universities will meet through online teaching. A list of inter-university courses can be found in the links below:

Other courses of our partner universities are available in the catalogue of EDUC courses (in the coming days there will be more courses from foreign universities)

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