Joint Degree Programmes

Jointly Accredited Degree Programmes are founded on cooperation between two or more institutions participating in a Joint Degree Programme. However, the studies culminate in one or more degrees being jointly awarded and all the cooperating institutions are responsible for the entire programme, not merely for distinct portions. Such degree programmes are always newly accredited and the participating institutions are bound by a Cooperation Agreement (see the section Download).

MU distinguishes between:

  • Double or Multiple Degree, culminating in one or more nationally recognized diplomas, formally issued by two or more institutions participating in a joint cooperative programme, and
  • Joint Degree, where one joint diploma is issued by at least a pair of institutions offering a joint programme.

Cooperation with institutions abroad which will result in two or more national diplomas, and whose inception is already planned under an accredited MU degree programme, is treated as cooperation on a Joint Degree Programme.

Administration of this level of cooperation is specified in the Methodological Guideline, specifically in the forth chapter and in those parts that are mentioned there.


Any MU Faculty seeking to implement a Jointly Accredited Degree Programme in cooperation with institutions abroad has to arrange for accreditation for said programme. Its accreditation request will be put to the Accreditation Board, including a Cooperation Agreement signed by all the cooperating institutions, drawn up in compliance with the terms and standards of the Accreditation Board and in conjunction with the "Accreditation of Degree Programmes and Habilitation and Nomination Proceedings at the MU" Methodological Guideline (in Czech)

Accreditation request is submitted for rector’s signature via the Office for Studies (Bachelor's and Master's degrees), or the Office for Research (Doctoral degrees) at the Rector’s Office.

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