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Are you thinking of coming to Masaryk University an Erasmus+ exchange? That's great news! We have put everything you might need online to make the process as smooth as possible. We look forward to welcoming you here in Brno.

Application Process

If you wish to study at Masaryk University under the Erasmus+ programme, first check with your home university to see if it has an agreement with a particular faculty or department at Masaryk University. Then you should follow the nomination selection process at your home university. Please contact your coordinators for more information.

If we accept your nomination it does not mean that you have been accepted as a student at Masaryk University. There are several steps you have to go through in order to receive an acceptance letter.

You also have to fulfil the requirements of Masaryk University. You are eligible to be accepted at Masaryk University once:


The nomination and application process

The process of acceptance at Masaryk University consists of a few steps:


Your home coordinator has to nominate you online (without nomination you cannot access the online application).



After the nomination is submitted you will receive an information e-mail with the web link to access your online application.



Now you can fill in the application. See the deadlines in the Deadlines section. Please watch out for the deadline for applications, as late applications will not be accepted.

To fill in the online application you will need the unique link that you received by e-mail.


Application documents:

There is a list of application documents which you need to arrange before uploading them to your online application (we no longer need the originals by post or copies by e-mail):

  • printed online application: after the application is filled in and submitted online, it will automatically be saved in our online database and sent to your e-mail. Check your e-mail and find your online application form, print it out, sign it and bring it to the Erasmus exchange coordinators at your home university for signature
  • Learning Agreement (LA): use your university’s form, if required, or you can download the MU form (see the Documents section). Write into the LA the courses you would like to attend during your Erasmus+ placement and discuss your choice with the departmental coordinator at your home university. You can choose them from the Course Catalogue. Keep in mind that Masaryk University has a minimum credit limit of 20 ECTS which each Erasmus student has to achieve. Get your LA signed by your coordinators at your home university
  • make a copy of your certificate or document proving your level of English (this cannot be lower than B2; read more about language requirements here). If you do not possess any certificates, please download the Language Proficiency Report and take it with you to a person who can officially confirm and approve your level of English. The Report must be completed by a professional language instructor or other competent person at your home university. Erasmus coordinator is not a competent person unless (s)he is a language teacher at the same time. Please read the language requirements at Masaryk University carefully here

These three duly signed application documents have to be scanned and uploaded to the student’s MU online application no later than the deadlines given in the Deadlines section.

In the application, you can also apply for accommodation in Masaryk University halls of residence or sign up for Orientation Week. Just tick yes in the appropriate section of the online application. It is not binding and is intended only to let us know how many of you are interested.



After you upload all your application documents, your Learning Agreement (LA) will be sent for approval to the department. As soon as your LA is approved we will send it to you by e-mail together with the Acceptance Letter (visa students will additionally receive other important documents – originals for applying for the visa by post). Then you will have to wait for our instruction e-mails which we will start sending in late July/late November. 

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Nikola Maráková

tel: +420 549 49 6793

After nomination

Kristýna Zemková

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  • AUTUMN 2021
    30 May, 2021
    30 April, 2021 for non-EU students
    14 June, 2021
  • SPRING 2022
    1 Nov, 2021
    1 Oct, 2021 for non-EU students
    15 Nov, 2021
  • Changes to LA:
    Spring 2021:
    Changes in course enrolment in the IS: 14 March, 2021
    Changes to LA: 21 March, 2021
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