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Masaryk University is the only public university in the Czech Republic that is a member of the ISEP network, which coordinates international exchanges of students from the USA and another 50 countries. If your home university is a member of the ISEP network you can study for a semester or for a whole academic year and not pay any tuition fees at MU (this applies to the ISEP Exchange track).

If you are interested in studying at Masaryk University, you can come either under the ISEP Exchange Track or the ISEP Direct Track (the differences between these schemes are described here).

ISEP Exchange or Direct track

Masaryk University offers two options for ISEP students: foreign students can come either through the ISEP Exchange Track or via the ISEP Direct Track. The differences between the ISEP Exchange and the ISEP Direct Track are as follows:

ISEP Exchange Track:

  • Is based on a two-way exchange; that is the local student goes via ISEP to study abroad and the foreign student comes to study in the Czech Republic. Thus the ISEP Exchange Track is a swap of a student for a student. On the ISEP Exchange, you pay your home institution's tuition and fees and swap with a student from another ISEP university. Placements may depend on the space available.
  • Incoming students receive an accommodation and meals grant to cover their room and board costs. It will fully cover 21 meals a month and full rent at Masaryk University halls of residence.
  • Incoming students participate in the on-site Orientation Week for free.
  • Applicants who apply for the ISEP Exchange Track are able to choose from courses across the university. Check out the courses on offer in the Course Catalogue.

ISEP Direct Track:

  • Is one-way. The foreign student comes to study at MU and unlike with the ISEP Exchange Track the grant for the incoming student is not provided by Masaryk University, but by the student via ISEP.
  • Housing and meals are fully to be covered by the student. You can find recommendations for your budget in the International Student Guide. Students can stay in the residence hall if they indicate it in the application.
  • International students also participate in the on-site Orientation Week. Additionally, they can participate in the semester-long Czech language for foreigners for all levels (from beginner to advanced). There is a 190 USD fee which covers the student’s participation in the Orientation Week as well as other expenses such as the student card and so on.
  • Applicants who apply for the ISEP Direct Track are able to choose courses from either Central European Studies Programme (CESP) courses and/or TESOL TE. Additionally, they can choose from courses across the university as well. Check out the courses on offer in the Course Catalogue.

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  • Deadline for autumn semester:
    15 April of particular year
  • Deadline for spring semester:
    1 October of year before the year of mobility
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