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The Centre for International Cooperation (CZS) organises, in cooperation with the Language Centre, a test of knowledge of English several times a year. The CZS Language Tests serve the purposes of all the selection processes that fall fully within the competence of the CZS, for example for the ISEP programme, Freemovers grants or study at partner universities.

The CZS language tests are not for the purposes of the selection process for study placements in the Erasmus+ Europe programme (for the Erasmus+ ICM programme you can use the test only for the non-English-speaking countries!). Please contact your departmental coordinator for specific language requirements in the departmental selection process.

About the Tests

The test is intended:

  • For applicants for studies through the ISEP programmes, studies at partner universities, grants for Freemovers and other programmes where the selection of students is organised by the CZS (in cases where it is not clear ask the coordinator of the programme through which you intend to go).
  • Arrange things under the terms of the given exchange programme, or if you are not sure then contact the programme coordinator.


When you do not have to take the test:

  • If you have one of these four standard internationally-recognised certificates of English knowledge: TOEFL, IELTS, CAE or CPE (on B2 level).
  • If you are among the regular students or successful graduates in the Department of English.
  • When you plan to carry out your foreign placement in a language other than English.


Rules of the test and other information:

  • The level of the test corresponds to the European classification level B2.
  • The test is conceived on the basis of the ETS tests, so it is possible to prepare according to sample TOEFL tests (accessible on the internet or CJV web pages).
  • The test covers listening comprehension, language elements and reading comprehension).
  • The overall length of the test is no longer than 60 minutes.
  • The maximum score is 110 points, and to reach B2 level a minimum of 60 per cent is necessary (66 points overall and a proportionate amount in each category).
  • Students who have taken the test in the past and have an interest in repeating it have to ask for consent from the person responsible for organising CZS language tests.
  • The results of the test are uploaded to the IS OIS database, which is accessible to students individually through their login profile.
  • Participants are not given any certificates or confirmations, nor – except in exceptional cases – an e-mail.
  • This serves for the internal purposes of the CZS and as such must be accepted by the host university, for which after a successful selection process the student is nominated by the CZS. In such cases a nominated student without a certificate may still be asked to take several standard language examinations (see the entrance requirements of individual universities).

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  • The next date for CZS language tests:
    December 2023
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