How to get to Brno

How to get to Brno from Prague or Vienna airport?

Either take the yellow Student Agency bus from Vienna airport (called Schwechat), or from Prague airport (called Vaclav Havel airport) to Brno (bus station called Grand).





Brno airport

brno airport

From some destinations, there are direct flights to Brno Airport.


Bus station Grand in Brno

brno bus station grand

The bus from Vienna is direct, but if you are going by bus from Prague, you will have to change your bus at the main bus station Florenc in Prague (but one ticket is valid for the whole journey by both buses). There is a ticket office Student Agency at Terminal 1 in Prague, in Vienna there is no ticket office. In any case, you can buy your ticket in advance and pay by credit card, it is really easy:


  • Go to booking page 
  • In the place “Station of departure” choose: Praha, Letiště Václava Havla, in the place “Station of arrival” choose: Brno (AN u hotelu Grand)
  • Change the suitable time and click on the orange button with the price.
  • Choose the seat number on the bus and click on “Create reservation”.
  • Continue with the payment.
  • After doing all of this, you will be able to print out your electronic bus ticket; you will also receive a confirmation e-mail.


Bus station Zvonařka in Brno

brno bus station zvonarka

There are also other transport companies that operate buses from Prague or Vienna to Brno (for example Tourbus, Eurolines), but they usually do not leave directly from the airports, and arrive at another bus station in Brno (called Zvonařka).


Brno Central railway station

Or take a train from Prague hl. n. to Brno hl. n. or from Vienna Hauptbahnhof to Brno hl. n. (hl. n. = hlavní nádraží = main railway station)

In this case, you need to take first the city shuttle bus (Airport Express) to get from the airport to the centre and then take the underground (metro) to get to the train station (ask at the info desk at the airport for details).

You can check the train schedule online here, switch into English (bottom right corner) and insert the data needed as follows:


  • In the field “From”: write either “Praha hl. n.”, or “Wien Hauptbahnhof”, in the place “To”: write “Brno hl.n.”
  • Change the date and time according to your arrival in Prague (please do not forget to count at least 2 hours extra time to get to the train station from the airport, it does not take that long but since you do not know the way, you must count some extra time to find it and time to buy the ticket at the train station to be on the safe side!)
  • Click on “Search” to view the list of all possible train connections.
  • Choose only a direct train to Brno so that you do not have to change trains somewhere. The journey from Prague to Brno will take around 3 hours, from Vienna to Brno about 2 hours.


Taxi service from the airport – offered by the agency It is highly recommended to order a taxi at least one day before (Online ordering here). Price list and ordering could be found here.   

More information on ways from/to Brno, and from/to the airport – see the website of the South Moravian Integrated Public Transport System

Or you can ask your tutor to pick you up at the station, and go by public transport together to the accommodation (it takes only about 15 minutes by tram).

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