How to Get to Brno

This page contains information on how to get to Brno from Prague and Vienna airports, how to get to the city centre from Brno airport, and the bus and railway stations. Other useful links are listed below.

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From Prague by bus

There are several bus companies operating buses from Prague to Brno. The yellow Student Agency (RegioJet) buses also leave directly from Prague’s Vaclav Havel airport (you will have to transfer at the main bus station Florenc in Prague, but one ticket is valid for the whole journey to Brno by both buses). There is a ticket office of Student Agency at Terminal 1 in Prague, but you can also buy your ticket in advance and pay by credit card – it is really convenient. Flixbus, Eurolines and other companies operate buses from the bus station Florenc – you can get there by another bus operated by Student Agency or ask for directions at the airport. Student Agency and Flixbus will drop you off at the Grand Hotel bus station in Brno, while other companies usually stop at Zvonařka bus station.


From Prague by train

To get to Brno by train, you will first need to get to Prague’s main railway station – you can go by Airport Express, by public transport or ask for directions at the airport. You can buy your ticket online on the website of the České dráhy company, of the Regiojet Company, or at the train station. Please do not forget to count at least 2 hours extra time to get to the railway station from the airport – it does not take that long, but since you do not know the way, you must count some extra time to find it and time to buy the ticket at the railway station to be on the safe side! 

  • Plan of Vaclav Havel Airport 
  • Interactive clickable plan of Florenc Coach Station  – the main bus station in Prague
  • You can check the bus and train schedules, as well as buy the tickets online here.


From Vienna by bus

Student Agency, Gepard Express and Flixbus operate direct buses from Vienna’s Schwechat airport and all stop at the Grand Hotel bus station in Brno. 


From Vienna by train

You can also travel from Vienna airport by train—there is a railway station in front of the arrivals hall. The first option is to go by direct train from the airport to Brno, which runs three times a day. You can check the schedule and buy a ticket online here. The second option is to change trains at Wien Hauptbahnhof (the main station) or in Břeclav. In that case, please check this page, where you can also buy tickets online. Type Flughafen Wien or Vienna Schwechat airport in the “From” field and Brno hl. n. in the “To” field.


From Brno Airport

airportThere are direct flights to Brno Airport from some destinations.

Taxi service from the airport – offered by the agency. It is highly recommended to order a taxi at least one day before (Online ordering here). 

Public transport – bus E76 (every 30 minutes) or N89 (at night). Both will take you to the “Hlavní nádraží” stop. You can continue to your dormitory from there. You can check bus timetables online here. Type Letiště Tuřany – terminál in the “From” field and Hlavní nádraží in the “To” field. The journey takes around 20 minutes, but don’t forget to buy a ticket at the airport or on the bus (you can use your debit card to pay on the bus).


From the Main Railway Station (Hlavní nádraží)

railway stationIf you are coming to the main railway station – Brno hlavní nádraží, you will only have to get to the public transport stop “Hlavní nádraží” located in front of the building (see the map above). Check the How to get to your dormitory section for more details.


From the Grand Hotel Bus Station (autobusové nádraží u Hotelu Grand)

grand hotelThe Grand Hotel bus station – Autobusové nádraží u Hotelu Grand is located very close to the main railway station (see the map above). You will only have to walk 5 minutes to get to the public transport stop “Hlavní nádraží”. Check the How to get to your dormitory section for more details. 


From Zvonařka Bus Station

zvonarkaThe Zvonařka bus station is located further from the city centre (see the map above). In order to get to the city centre, you will have to take tram n. 12 and get off at the “Hlavní nádraží” stop. Alternatively, you can walk there, which takes about 10 minutes. You can continue to your dormitory from there.

For more information on ways from/to Brno, and from/to the airport – see the website of the South Moravian Integrated Public Transport System and the travel planner.

You can also find other possibilities of getting to/from Brno from different cities on this useful website.

You can check the timetables of public transport in Brno here.

Czech online maps are available on this link.

You can also ask your ESN buddy to pick you up at the station and go by public transport together to the accommodation. 

>> See also How to Get to Your Dormitory.

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