Records of Study Abroad and Recognition of Courses Taken

Here you’ll find all essential information concerning records of your study abroad and getting the courses you take recognized at MU.

Important norms and documents to do with recording your study abroad and getting MU recognition for your course credit

Also pertinent are directives of the deans of the individual faculties governing the appointment of “authorized representatives” for the faculties (see the references below to the individual faculty websites). 


Overview of recognition procedures at individual MU faculties for courses taken abroad and names of authorized representatives at the faculties

For Students

General information on MU recognition of credit for courses taken abroad

MU requires its students to submit a request for the recognition of courses/credit for subjects studied abroad (see Sec. 9, Par. 1 of Rector’s Directorate No. 8/2011 Rules for the Recognition of Credit from Foreign Study and Occupational Stays by Students of Masaryk University) when taking part in academic mobility programs that last 14 days or more.


The administration of mobility programmes at MU

The individual mobility programmes used by MU students (whether administered at MU or elsewhere) may place additional demands on students (including applications to be filled out and financial agreements) that students must also meet.

The individual MU faculties may designate further requirements for students going abroad under various mobility programs.

These requirements beyond Rector’s Directive No. 8/2011 and the Methodological Guidelines of the Director of the Centre for International Cooperation are or may be independent of them.


Individual steps for recording study stays abroad and having the results (course/credits) reorganized

The individual steps for recording your study abroad and getting the results recognized (courses/credits) may be found above according to the type of study (academic study vs. work experience). 

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