Interfaculty Agreements

Masaryk University students can go on foreign placements in their field also under interfaculty agreements which some MU faculties have with foreign institutions and firms. You can find out about specific possibilities for your field at your faculty.

You can gain a grant from CZS for the foreign placement at these foreign institutions, however the application and selection of students is fully within the competence of the coordinators, or the selection commission in the case of the IFMSA.

Faculty Agreements

Further information on individual faculty agreements can be found at the links below, or at the foreign department of the given faculty.

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  • Deadlines will be provided by instructors
  • Application for grant from CZS:
    Apply any time, at the latest in October of given year (otherwise individual agreement needed)


Before Mobility

After Mobility

Language Preparation

Language Preparation

Documentation and Recognition of Placements

Recognition of Placements

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Faculty International Relations Offices

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