Intergovernmental Agreements – Quotas

Every year the Ministry of Education allocates grants, so-called quotas, for students of Masaryk University. Thanks to these quotas students can take summer language courses abroad or study for up to two semesters at partner universities in countries with which the Czech Republic has international agreements.

Among these countries are China, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Detailed information on the countries and types of placement can be found in the Overview of Quotas for Masaryk University (which you can find in the section Documents) or on the pages of Academic Agency DZS MŠMT (only in Czech).

Aside from mobility through the allocated quotas for Masaryk University, you can also use the so-called selection process, which the education ministry announces each year for university students in the Czech Republic.

Participation Conditions

  • All MU students can apply. Non-Czech students can only apply if from EU member states. If they want to apply to a non-EU country they should first find out from the embassy of the target country and at the CZS MU/DZS, what the real opportunities are.
  • Further information on dates and conditions for individual countries can be found on the pages of the Academic Information Agency DZS MŠMT (only in Czech).

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  • Are set by the faculty (normally November)
  • For reimbursement of travel apply no later than by the end of October of the calendar year in which the tickets were bought.
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