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Masaryk University will host Amiris Dipuglia, MD, BCBA, highly recognized behaviour analyst and consultant for public schools in Pensylvania, USA.

Dr. Dipuglia will lead three courses (each lasting one full day) and provide intensive training and analogue guided practice in teaching skills for applied behaviour analytic interventions incorporating an analysis of verbal behaviour. Focus will be on skills related to teaching students with autism and related developmental disorders.

The workshops will involve having participants demonstrate skills related to identifying the verbal operants and other ABA concepts, developing classroom schedules and card sort systems for teaching, demonstrating procedures for intensive teaching (discrete trial instruction), and basic mand training skills and reducing problem behaviour. The workshops will also include a brief overview of the VB-MAPP assessment tool and deriving student programs based on the assessment outcomes. Participants will be required to demonstrate acquisition of conceptual skills through brief oral and written assessments, and demonstrate implementation of various teaching protocols.

Certificates of completion will be provided to participants who attend and fully participate in all three courses and pass the final competency assessment. Lunch and coffee break will be provided for participants at the Faculty of Education due to tight schedule of the workshops. Be prepared for intensive work. This summer school is NOT suitable for those, who do not have basic knowledge of ABA.

All workshops will be consecutively interpreted to the Czech language.

Dates 10 to 12 June 2018
Level Previous basic knowledge of principles of ABA is required. Suitable for teachers, teacher assistants, counsellors and other professionals, students of ABA and parents of children with ASD, who previously attended the course Úvod do aplikované behaviorální analýzy or participated in ABA workshops for parents or acquired knowledge about ABA by previous self-study (i.e. read the Simple Steps materials).
Price 1500 CZK (price includes printed materials, 6x short coffee break and 3x lunch)
Organized by Faculty of Education
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Contact person: Mgr. Lenka Žáková, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Course 1: Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis in Education

Date: 10th June 2018, 8:45 – 17:00

  • Overview of classroom components for classrooms implementing programs based on behavior analytic principles
  • Operant Analysis 
  • Overview of Intensive teaching components 
  • Verbal operants and fluency timing, shaping 
  • Introduction to intensive teaching and instructional control, antecedents (motivation, discriminative stimuli, prompts) and consequences (reinforcement, punishment)
  • Fading prompts, errorless teaching, card sort


Course 2: Intensive teaching and Instructional Control in Educational Programmes

Date: 11th June 2018, 8:45 – 17:00

  • Errorless teaching (continued)  and error correction
  • Errorless teaching and error correction skill check
  • Troubleshooting student errors, structuring IT (VR, run through, pace of instruction, instructional control)
  • Classroom organization, cold probe procedures, cold probe procedures skill check



 Course 3: Introduction to VB-MAPP Assessment Tool and Classroom Organization

 Date: 12th June 2018, 8:45 – 17:00

  • Classroom organization, VB-MAPP, programming and target selection, classroom schedule
  • Mand training, motivation
  • Two types of transfer trials, mand error correction
  • Mand data systems, mand skill checks
  • Review of concepts
  • Written post-test, oral check-out, card sort competencies, intensive teaching demonstrations


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