Taste Europe (Intercultural Skills in English Summer School)

Taste Europe is a course focused on intercultural communication skills and abilities to effectively communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. The city of Brno located in the heart of Europe is an important intersection of different cultures of central Europe. Experience the multicultural environment of the student metropolis and learn how can culture affect communication and language in different social contexts. The course will teach you how intercultural communication requires an understanding that different cultures have different customs, standards, social norms, and even thought patterns, with the examples of local knowledge of the cultures, organisations and institutions, history and general way of living of different communities and nations. Language is much more than only knowledge of words and because we are all different, it is crucial to recognize different communication manners. Under the guidance of experienced lecturers, the participants of this course will be introduced to the elementary intercultural skills in an interactive way and get a taste of the different flavours that Europe has to offer.

Date August 3–14, 2020
Level A2–B2

Early Bird price: 760 EUR (3 weeks before summer school starts),
Standard price: 800 EUR

Deadline July 20, 2020
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Created by: Jakub Maca and Jiri Petrzelka