English for University Studies Summer School

The English for University Studies Summer School is designed for pre-university and university students who need to improve their English language skills in order to meet their university language requirements. The aim of the summer school is to develop basic academic and study skills in English to at least the level considered to be sufficient for university studies. Specifically, the summer school focuses on developing abilities to read academic texts and use them in writing and speaking; critically listen to lectures while taking effective notes; speak in academic contexts and gain insight into basic principles of writing texts in an academic style. The sessions will also focus on English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation as used in academic contexts. The summer school is taught by highly qualified and experienced Masaryk University and international teaching staff who are dedicated to preparing students to operate successfully at an academic level.

Dates 12 to 16 August 2019
Level pre-university, bachelor, master, doctoral
Credits 0 ECTS

early-bird 3 600 CZK / 135 EUR / person / week
standard 3 900 CZK / 145 EUR / person / week

Organized by

Language Centre at Masaryk University

Deadline 5 August 2019
Contact information and application

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Monday 12–14
Tuesday 9–11
Wednesday 12–15
Thursday 13–15
Friday by appointment

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Created by: Jakub Maca and Jiri Petrzelka