• „Having the opportunity to complete a university course overseas is by far the ultimate way of studying.“

    „Having the opportunity to complete a university course overseas is by far the ultimate way of studying.“

    Lucy Jacques, Griffith University, Australia

Summer Schools

Do you have a plan for next summer? Not yet? Spending week(s) at a summer school in a foreign country is a great idea. You will meet new people from all over the world and on top of that also broaden knowledge in the field of your study and get credits!

Check out our list with summer schools and choose the one that suits you the most. 

Going to an eye-opening lecture of a morning to switch to traipsing castles in the afternoon and heading out for beer that's cheaper than water of a night. What could be better. It had everything.

Laura Benson, University of Melbourne, Australia

Why Muni summer schools?


Our summer schools are taught by enthusiastic lecturers who are experts in their fields. They love to share their knowledge with students and help them gain new perspectives.

A great way to gain a new perspective on a topic you know well or learn something new from an exciting and fun group of teachers.
Kim Darcy, Australia

I was so impressed by how knowledgeable, poised, and approachable the staff as a whole was; it was truly quite an impressive collection of instructors.

Jeffrey Schmudlach, Edgewood College, USA


Field trips

Central Europe is a beautiful region with spectacular landscape and rich history. Why only sit in class when you can experience everything at first hand? We take advantage of Brno’s short distance from major European cities and go on multiple field trips during the course.

The cultural excursions we did to cities outside of Brno were fantastic. They were really well planned and gave us just enough guidance and free time to explore the cities on our own without feeling totally lost.
Emma Hansen, University of Kansas, USA

My highlights were the weekend trips to Budapest, Vienna and Prague as we saw so many beautiful places and learnt so much about that part of Europe.
Jessica McGrath, Griffith University, Australia



A historical city with a huge student population, Brno is a unique place to live and study. It has something to offer for everyone: rich history and architecture, wide selection of restaurants, cafés and bars, modern sport facilities, a lake just outside of town... You will be surprised how quickly this charming city will become your home away from home.

Brno is a great "homebase" as it is not too touristy but still has lots of history and places to go and explore.
Everett Montalvo, Kansas State University, USA

So many activities and they were absolutely incredible. There was so much to offer and all relatable to our course.
Daina Reid, University of Wollongong, Australia


On-site support

We have a small group of local students who are there for you after you finish class. They are there to help you discover Brno but they can also help you get acquainted with washing machines or public transportation. They will be your buddies to help you feel at home in Brno.

The highlight was definitely meeting the people and the staff who welcomed us with open arms. We wouldn't have had enjoyed ourselves so much if you weren't there. A big thanks to the student assistants and the teaching staff - you truly made the three weeks in Brno feel like home!

Shivaanya Kanapathy, Deakin University, Australia

The student assistants were all really nice people! Very grateful for having them show us around everywhere and helping us with minor issues like where to buy things!
Nicholas Cecil, Deakin University, Australia 

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