• “Masaryk University has dramatically changed my life.”

    “Masaryk University has dramatically changed my life.”

    - Salim Erdogan, Turkey

Sports, Health, and Management

The semester-long programme offers a wide range of Sports Studies classes. Students choose from up to ten courses per semester which broaden their horizons in the area of sports practice, health in sports, sociology and psychology in sports, and sports management.

Last year, Brno was rated 6th most popular student city in the world and our International Students Club has won multiple awards for offering great experience to our incoming students. While the city is home to many expats and numerous international companies, it remains Czech in its core with all the local food, art and entertainment options. Brno offers you a full study abroad experience while following your passion in an ideal city for sports lovers.

Why Masaryk University?


The Faculty of Sports Studies has been educating future sport professionals, athletic trainers, and sport managers for almost twenty years now. While the primary focus is first-class teaching, the Faculty also runs cutting-edge research in three specific areas: dynamic and kinematic analysis of human movement, biomedical aspects of movement, and social science aspects of physical education and sports. The latest findings from the faculty labs are incorporated into the lessons as the faculty are committed to always give their students the most recent knowledge available.

There is a wide range of sports facilities available to the students. The main building of the Faculty houses five different gyms including a ball games hall, hall of combatives and a motion gym. More sports grounds are located all around the city. These offer various sport activities ranging from playing tennis, through gymnastics, aerobics and body styling, to water sports. In Brno, everyone finds their favourite!


Why Sports Studies in Brno?

Brno is a city of sport lovers (as well as lovers of good food and drinks) and for a good reason – it offers a perfect combination of lifestyles. Here, you have the benefits of a large-ish city: from tennis courts, to indoor and outdoor climbing walls, gyms of all kinds, to multiple swimming pools. In short, you can find great facilities to practice the sports you love without a long commute.

At the same time, Brno also has nature in its backyard. There are hundreds of biking paths as well as hiking options literally on your doorstep in the beautiful lush surrounding hills, forests and national parks within easy reach. Some of the paths run through the city and remain incredibly popular with everyone from teenagers to families for their daily exercise or weekend trips. Some reach further out and offer breath-taking scenery as a bonus while you work out.

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  • Deadline for autumn semesters:
    15 April of particular year
  • Deadline for spring semesters:
    1 October of year before the year of mobility
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