Federal Student Aid for Students from USA

Masaryk University is eligible to certify loan applications for the Federal Direct Student Loan Program and is open to accept US students who want quality education for their future career. For all who seek profound academic training with a strong research background with superb facilities for study and work, Masaryk University can be an excellent choice.

If you plan to study abroad to get your entire degree outside the United States, you may be able to use federal student aid to pay your expenses. The type of aid you can get—and the process you must follow—will depend on the type of programme (study-abroad or full degree) you plan to enter.

  • Direct Loan Participation Acknowledgement: Masarykova Univerzita 
  • OPE ID: 03565300
  • Direct Loan School ID: G35653

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Study programmes

We offer the following study programmes which enable you to apply for the loan:


Faculty of Medicine: 

  • a six-year Master’s Degree Programme in GENERAL MEDICINE (Faculty of Medicine)
  • a five-year Master’s Degree Programme in DENTISTRY (Faculty of Medicine)
  • a three-year Bachelor’s degree Programme in PHYSIOTHERAPY (Faculty of Medicine)


Faculty of Arts:


Faculty of Education:


Faculty of Social Studies:


    Faculty of Economics and Administration:


    Faculty of Informatics:


    PhD specialisations

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