The CIC (Centre for International Cooperation) and the ISC (International Student Club) run an extensive orientation week prior to every semester. You have an opportunity to participate in the orientation week with colourful programme which will help you organize your administrative and study duties and further experience a little bit of Czech culture and Czech language and meet and have fun with both Czech and other international students at parties, workshops, etc.

The registration starts on 10. 07. 2017 and ends by 30. 7. 2017. Even if you can't make it for the whole time, you can participate on different activities, sometimes for a small fee.

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Activities and events

The orientation week package is limited to 500 people, so do not hesitate for too long.. By paying the OW fee you will have free entrance to all activities mentioned below. Otherwise see where you will be allowed to attend.



  • Compulsory admission (everyone will get a registration package with important documents, survival kit, travel guide, maps, etc.)
  • Practical Tour of Brno
  • Student Activities Fair (Emergency & Safety presentation)
  • Tour de Dormitory
  • MU System Training (IS, ISKaM, SUPO, etc.)




  • Second-hand market
  • Introduction at faculties/Faculty Tour
  • Student Activities Fair


PAID ACTIVITIES/EVENTS (free for OW package students, entrance fee for the others):


  • Movie Night (50 CZK)
  • Welcoming Party (50 CZK)
  • International Dinner - Share Your Plate (free with a plate of food / 100 CZK without plate)




  • Beer & food / Coffee & cake tour
  • Survival Czech (crash course)
  • Free entrance vouchers + discounts
  • Brno City Game (limited)
  • MU gifts


International student guide

International student guide

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Academic calendar

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