EDUC Gap Year in France

Your current program of study does not cover all the subject areas that interest you or that you need in your desired profession? Have you always wanted to study something else but didn't have the opportunity? The EDUC GAP YEAR programme is here for you!

The gap year study abroad experience which allows you to study one or several disciplines, different from (but possibly complementary to) those of your degree at a partner (French) university. This opportunity allows you to develop new skills and/or to think about your future professional career.

EDUC Gap Year Mobilities

The EDUC Gap Year mobility is designed to:

  • provide you with physical mobility of one or two semesters at our French EDUC partner universities Université Rennes 1 or Université Paris Nanterre
  • give you an opening insight opening to the study of disciplines, different from those of your diploma degree
  • offer cultural and language (French) experience in two prominent French student cities (Rennes and Nanterre, close to Paris)
  • allow you to develop your soft skills and your European background which will be an important asset for your future professional career.

The EDUC gap year starts during the first semester (fall semester) or during the second semester (spring/summer semester) depending on the academic calendar of your home university. If you want to do a gap year for two semesters, you can either spend both at the same university or apply for both universities for one semester each.


Academic calendar at partner universities

The academic calendar of partner universities University Paris Nanterre and University of Rennes 1:

  • First semester (Autumn): September to January
  • Second semester (Spring): January to May

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