Last update: 31 January 2022

The new academic year will start on Monday 13 September. In response to the epidemic situation, the operation of Masaryk University follows a coronavirus “traffic-light” alert system. For more information about measures taken at MU please visit See also:

Centre for International Cooperation of MU has no restrictions on the arrival of foreign students and employees at Masaryk University, nor on the abroad placements of MU students. There may be already restrictions in place based on governmental decisions. Regarding the international business trips of MU employees, superior/head of MU economic unit decides on reasonable exceptions for international business trips. 

See more details on incoming and outgoing mobilities below:

COVID-19 Disease: What to do?

Are you currently a MU international student in Brno and you need help with any COVID-19 related issue? This tool was created to guide you in case you do not know what to do in your situation. Please read carefully and follow the steps that applies to your case.

If you still have a specific question or anything is unclear to you, contact us.

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