Last update: 27 May, 2020

On March 12, 2020, the Czech government declared a State of Emergency in the country until 17 May 2020 due to prevention for COVID-19 disease spread. You can find specific rules that apply for this state of emergency at Masaryk University website. Due to the newly issued measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19, by the Czech Government, the Rector has decided to cancel all contact teaching till 15 May 2020

Based on information and recommendations provided by the MU Crisis Staff, the Centre for International Cooperation (CZS) recommends following:

  • For mobilities started after 27 April 2020, force majeure can no longer be applied.
  • Mobilities of MU students:
    • already started student mobilities: CZS recommends to students complete their studies at foreign universities primarily by distance learning and travel abroad only in absolutely necessary cases, e.g. if their physical presence at the host institution is a fundamental condition for successful completion of the study placement.
    • new mobilities started after 11 May 2020: Travels abroad are possible only in cases when travelling is enabled by both the Czech Republic and the foreign country where the mobility takes place. The participant makes such a decision at his own risk and responsibility. Participants in mobilities, who plan to leave or are already abroad, are advised to communicate regularly with sending and receiving institutions, thus all activities will be in compliance with the rules applicable in the Czech Republic and in the destination or the transit country. For new mobilities, it is necessary to provide the responsible MU department with a confirmation of full-time activities at the host institution, such as lessons or practice. For mobilities starting after 11 May 2020 and held online, the student does not receive a scholarship according to the rules of the programme (zero grant funding - meaning without a scholarship)
  • Mobilities of MU employees:
    • new mobilities started after 11 May 2020: Domestic and foreign business trips can be realized but heads of economic centres are advised not to send employees on foreign business trips unless it is necessary. Any restrictions are fully under the responsibility of the head of the relevant economic centre or the immediate superior of the outgoing MU employee.



See the information of DZS (in Czech only). The table from DZS applies only to Erasmus+ programme, specific procedures for Erasmus + and other exchange programmes at MU can be found below.

For incoming international students

All in-person teaching activities at Masaryk university were cancelled until 15 May. The exam period was extended until September. For most courses, teaching continues online and online exams and other forms of course completion will be available as well. Students are obliged to ask their teachers for more information for each of their courses, to continue checking their university email for updates, and, if staying in the Czech Republic, to keep themselves informed about governmental measures they need to obey. 

Students can choose to stay in Brno and finish their mobility here (the dormitories remain open), return to their home country and finish their mobility online (provided that their courses allow that) or return to their home country and cancel their mobility altogether. Any decision needs to be communicated to the programme coordinator at Masaryk University.  

More instructions on how to proceed when leaving the university dormitories can be found here.  


As the current situation could be very stressful, Masaryk University offers to international students online psychological consultation. If you feel like you need to talk to a psychologist, please contact coordinator Kristýna Zemková at and we will put you in touch with psychologist. Consultations are available in English, German, Spanish, and Czech/Slovak. You can also read this recommendation for public written by psychologists and psychotherapists.

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