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Masaryk University receives a large number of requests from universities abroad for partnerships in student or teacher exchanges, teaching and research activities. We are a relatively large university, but the number of demands at the international level is quite high. Despite our commitment to being an open international university, we also have a limited capacity to pursue cooperative efforts.

In general all agreements should uphold the principles of reciprocity and sustainability, and they can be set up at various levels – by the university as a whole or by individual faculties or departments. Proposals to establish or renew international agreements can therefore be addressed directly to the Centre for International Cooperation, especially should the scope of the cooperation be university-wide, or engage at least three different faculties. In other cases, it might be more advisable to approach staff of the International Relations Offices at the respective faculties.

Requests to the Centre for International Cooperation:

  • For partnership under the LLP Erasmus programme, please contact Ms Lucie Durcova – institutional coordinator.
  • Partnership within the scheme of Erasmus Mundus should be addressed to Ms Violeta Osouchova or Ms Amal Al Khatib.
  • Project proposals and invitations to partnership consortia for programmes such as Tempus, Grundtvig, CEEPUS, etc. should be addressed to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. .
  • Offers for representation, recruitment, promotion and other forms of cooperation with representatives (agents) are dealt by Radmila Drobenova.
  • For general agreements, student exchange agreements (outside LLP countries) and additional information about any other form of partnerships, please contact Mr Martin Glogar.
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