Masarykova univerzita a Centrum zahraniční spolupráce

Czech language courses

Czech language is so challenging and you may have several opportunities to discover this charmful language and get to know it closer. There are some courses you may find interesting.



  • play-based introductory course offering Czech basics and survival kit
  • included in the price of the orientation week - see more details here
  • no required level
  • 6 hours/0 ECTS
  • organized by the Masaryk University Language Centre
  • price: 2 200 CZK/ 2 500 CZK
  • courses offered
  • required level: beginner or intermediate
  • 2 ECTS (Beginners and Elementary course) + certificate
  • 1 semester = 12 weeks (1 session-90 min.-per week)
  • organised by Faculty of Education - Department of Czech language and literature. More details here.
  • free and only for students of Czech language
  • required level: B1 of Czech language and higher
  • 4 ECTS
  • 1 semester = 12 weeks
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